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Business strategy plan

Improving Life Through Sustainable Biofuels

Business strategy plan

To respond to the evolving energy needs, climate change concerns and overall sustainability, Petronexx Oil India has focused its efforts on an integrated approach:

·  Bio-energy crop R&D – high yielding patented plant material (Through technology partner)
· Innovative Catchment Area Development (CAD) – for sustainable feedstock supply
·    2nd Generation Biomass to Biodiesel Conversion Technology.
 Multiplex farming technology to rotate capital & earn revenue.
   ♦  Successful integration offers assured benefits to the multiple-    stakeholders involved in our Biofuel value chain.

Drip irrigated commercial plantation 



Very few has given stress on the massive cultivation of feed stock; which is the resource of the main raw materials. Our plan is to start from there only; where others are lacking & bound to suffer in the future. We initially expect to develop a 2200 acre own model master plantation of Jatropha, and a contract farming agreement plan for 15 years to execute down the line with huge numbers of farmers; mainly with barren lands to the extent of 1,00,000 acre for the assurance of raw feed stock for the easy expansion and capture of the market through a country wide plantation program by 50 franchisees and 200 sub franchisees. Plan is to operate through many NGOs to form SHGs in this franchisee / sub franchisee model. Special stress has been planned to initiate a dialog with the tobacco farmers thru agriculture dept GOI; all over the country to mitigate their chance of loosing earning on the verge of closing plantation of tobacco by the end of 2017 (By agreement of WHO with GOI) and convert them into Jatropha plantation for a secure future in the same land.



In the pendency of full grown plantation of 4 years; we are adopting a rare mix of highly value added inter cropping in this agri value chain in our model plantation to inspire other sub franchisees to adopt interim profits during the same and market their produce with a minimal profit from them. Our next plan of action towards the globilisation of oil business will be based on the same model of franchisee / sub franchisee model in the mainly third world countries to built a number of global hubs for alternative fuels in our same company profile. Jatropha Plantations are grown on many different continents and are the second generation of Bio fuel feedstocks, intercropping Jatropha in Africa with Aloe Vera provides a great income which can sustain the Jatropha Plantation as a commercial enterprise through the first four or five years before the Jatropha plants reach maturity and are capable of producing sustainable bio fuel feedstock. Jatropha has been grown in India for many years and is found on the railway banks as well as being grown on plantations for producing biofuels. 

Intercropping Ginseng With Jatropha For Commercial Multiplex Plantations    

Intercropping Aloe vera With Jatropha For Commercial Multiplex Plantations   

Intercropping Papain With Jatropha For Commercial Multiplex Plantations   

Intercropping Black Rose (Floriculture) With Jatropha For Commercial Multiplex Plantations   

Plans are further in the making

Demand & Marketing