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Bio Diesel From Soil To Oil Refining

   The Fuel of the future is with us in making



Bio fuels promise to sky rocket the Naturals' industry by exponential portion. The fuels are processed and extracted from plants (TBO) they possess  all the properties automobile requires for their  functioning; apart from being an excellent lubricant; moreover; their emissions are almost negligible. “ The use of vegetable oils (TBO) for engine fuel may seem insignificant today. But such oils will become in course of time more important than Petroleum and coal tar products of the present time. ”


Increasing energy demand. Depleting fossil fuel reserves. Environmental stress increased due to excessive use of conventional energy sources. Such hard facts highlight the unsustainability of current energy trends environmentally, economically and socially, and the urgent need for development  of more secure, sustainable,  lowcost and low carbon  technologies; uplifting the living standards of billions of people are required all over.

Renewable Energy generation 


Renewable power generation capacity in India has been set up largely through private sector investments and has been possible due mainly to a conducive, 


strong and clear policy framework and investor friendly environment. New investment is the most potent indicator of growth of the sector. As per an estimate, in 2009 the total financial investment in clean energy in India was at Rs 135 billion. Ernst and Young ranked India the fourth most attractive country for renewable energy investment in the world , only behind the United States , China , and Germany.




Apraisals earned:



The promoter has already earned 1 national appraisal among 11,000 participants from the forum of investor namely the ‘Indian Angel Network’, other international appraisal namely ‘Venture Worthy .Com’ silver award among 1,00,000 participants for his article and ‘Executive Business Summary’ for raising capital, and now 3rd award again 'Venture Worthy Gold award' on 28th June, 2011. Now in the hunt of several investors namely Band of Angels, Indian Venture Capital Association, Joint Capital Assistance, Suisse Investment Company, VA Tech Finance India Ltd, etc. We are looking for immediate start up fund in the tune of  $ 150 (One fifty) million. Prospect is in Billion in 5 years down the line.

'Venture Worthy Gold award' on 28th June, 2011