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Factory designing (Modular Refinery)

Technology is already 2nd generation BioDiesel with the sufficient technological advancement in the folds, and so designed to sustain any quantity of feed stock comes in and go; specially in small modules of 10/15 tons/day/machine. So the expansion becomes easy and break down don’t hamper entire production of the day. More over the quality is latest international standard (ASTM D6751 compliant)  and best in the known history. It is so designed; keeping in mind that, if the shortage of raw feed stock is in the avail, or the demand grows slowly the factory still runs smoothly in reduced capacity, and when it requires it can be increased in many folds. More over due to any technical snag; the whole production will never go stop for a single day. It helps in saving valuable man hour and supply chain feeding in desired quantity. So this is called modular refinery. It is easy to maintain & repair; even involving less capital inflow.

This is exactly an installed factory picture at one site; with which production has already started in some part of India, running very successfully and efficiently; producing more than the expected results. This plant is designed by a company in India who are also our prospective  technology partner to provide us design & plant with years long hands on production contract. We strive to cater to strict international & Indian standard quality product. Factory visit is possible to arrange on prior  arrangement in India.