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Reserch & Development

Proposed own Nursery 

We have accomodated owned captive nursery in the main project to generate & develop successfully the best clones for our plantation in the regular phased manner. So that; while transported from a third party nursery; seedlings don't get damaged; rather remains fresh & healthy. This whole plantation & nursery operation has been arranged with our another Bio technology partner in the same area; who has a long  & proven tract record in plantation technology with tissue culture & speciality in trained man power recruitment for 'Jatropha' plantation. 


They will operate a full-fledged nursery at our Mother plantation site; which will cater to our own plantation as well as contract farming plantations. They need an equipped  Laboratory and trained man power recruited & run by them. Their scientists will visit our plantation site periodically when need be.

Research & Development 

A full fledged equipped laboratory cum research centre will be installed, and will be developed in due course of time when need for huge saplings increases with time and plantation schedule cross country; to supply our own saplings & Also for quality control & determination of plant health, soil, etc. We shall hire young passed out professionals from Agri universities to train & run this laboratory under our panel scientists

Bio Diesel Made out of Jatropha Curcus seed oil    

The above pictures are of Bio diesel freshly made and processed. Gradually this will be made clean and purified into a clear & best quality ASTM D6751 compliant biodiesel in our plant by testing produce of the particular batch. The right most picture is of best quality bio diesel made out of our prospective plant; to be installed. Our future goal is to develop a constant R & D for future technology on cost effectiveness & quality control with latest Oil technology.